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Privacy lawsuits against OpenAI

Five trends in privacy & AI

The DSA hurricane is here

Privacy UX and privacy culture

When human knowledge becomes feedstock

Beware of AI training spiderbots

AI hype and the fake advocate phenomenon

Today: Google, Microsoft, OpenAI & Anthropic have partnered

The FTC investigates OpenAI

Facebook must improve its privacy practices

The legal war against OpenAI has started

Amazon's dark patterns disrespect users

Adversarial prompting: revealing privacy risks

The AI hype is dangerous for privacy

Apple's strategic privacy approach

Amazon needs a new privacy culture

Please regulate us, but not really

Deepfakes got worse: AI-based Photoshop

Will regulation leave the EU out of the AI party?

AI has changed the internet we used to know

AI and Privacy Have More Intersections Than You Think

AI-Based Manipulation

OpenAI's Unacceptable "Privacy by Pressure" Approach

Brain Privacy: Neurotechnology is Coming For Your Brain

Examples of Dark Patterns in Privacy

When Privacy by Design is Forgotten

What about Privacy & Fairness? An Open Letter to AI Leaders

Dark Patterns in AI: Privacy Implications

Dark Patterns in Code: Ignoring User Choice

FTC vs. Dark Patterns in Privacy

Dark Patterns in Privacy: An Autonomy Problem

AI Hallucinations & Privacy: A Reputational Harm Nightmare

Three Golden Privacy Tips For 2023

AI-Based "Companions"​ Like Replika Are Harmful to Privacy And Should Be Regulated

ChatGPT And Large Language Models Are A Privacy Ticking Bomb

Can AI Ever Be Privacy Compliant?

You Are Probably Doing Privacy UX Wrong

Is Behavioral Advertising Dying?